Photovoltaics (PV) is a method of converting solar energy into direct current electricity using monocrystalline and polycrystalline panel. A photovoltaic system employs a number of solar cells to supply usable solar power. So far, Power generation from solar PV has been seen as a clean sustainable energy technology which draws upon the planet’s most plentiful and widely distributed renewable energy source – the sun. Meanwhile solar power is a free resource that can wipe out your electricity bill definitely. PV system can supply electricity power to lamp/light, home appliance, farm equipment, heating system, vehicle, airplane, anything need electricity power.

Driven by advances in technology and increases in manufacturing scale and sophistication, the cost of photovoltaics has declined steadily. China manufacturers currently produce high quality PV system and solar panels in a great number and export them to all the world, as one of them, we TINVOSOLAR always can provide the most professional solar lighting solution and services.

As one of the most professional solar LED lighting system manufacturers in China, we TINVOSOLAR have designed and produced solar street light, solar garden lamp, landscape light, solar generating systems, controller, etc.. It has introduced reliable and cost-effective outdoor solar lighting systems in more than 50 countries since 2008.