TINVOSOLAR, established in 2007, as a qualified manufacturer in China of renewable energy products, has built the full product range of solar streetlights andsmall domestic wind turbine generator.The series of solar lighting system includes solar LED streetlights, landscape light, garden lamp, etc. Our horizontal axis wind turbines(HAWT) includes 2KW, 5KW, 10KW, 20KW and 30KW wind turbine generator, all wind turbines apply advanced variable pitch wind turbine technology with our own patent, which is considered as the most efficient wind turbine today.


Our reliable solar lighting systems are supported by experienced engineering team, independent technology and attentive service. With fast development in years, we has equipped with Steel Pole Rolling Machine, Spray Machine, Pressure Machine, Integrating Sphere, Lighting Simulating Machine, and Weather-ability Testing Machines, etc. TINVOSOLAR has also established own solar energy research institute in China dedicating itself to research and develop wind-solar hybrid streetlights, as well as taken the lead in the variable pitch wind turbine in the domestic R&D and production.

TINVOSOLAR has obtained the ISO9001: 2000 International Quality System Certification and endorses a super-long period warranty of two (2) years. All of our solar streetlights,garden lamp and HAWT wind turbines comply with the CE and RoHs criteria.

It’s proud that our renewable energy products have been widely used in road lighting, street lighting, yard lighting, urban and rural lighting, electricity generation for home and farm through utilizing environmental friendly solar energy and wind energy, eliminating pollution, saving the earth. The solar lighting system and small wind turbine generators also create economic valve to clients when they contributes to reduce fossil energy,eliminate pollution, rescue the earth.

We are Greens!!! Welcome to TINVOSOLAR.