The wind/solar hybrid controller is control device which can control wind turbine and solar panel at the same time and     transform wind and solar energy into electricity then store to the battery bank. Wind/solar hybrid controller is the most important part in off-grid system, whose performance has much effect on life expectancy and operational stability of the whole system,especially the battery expectancy.Or life span of battery will be shortened by overcharge or overdischarge.




  • ·Superior military-grade components to ensure the product stability.
  • ·Perfect protection function, thus the system has higher reliability.
  • ·Check and set all operation parameters as requirement from LCD display.
  • ·Voltage limiting and current-limiting charge mode ensures battery in the best charging status.
  • ·PWM stepless unload mode, which burn the excess power into dump load, making the battery charging in best status.





  • ·Utility model patent of anti-strong-wind, stepless unload wind power controller
  • ·Utility model patent for integration of rectification and unload in wind power main circuit board.
  • ·European CE certification. 


Technique Data

Product Model                                             WWS20-48 WWS20-96 WWS20-110  WWS20-120   WWS20-220

Rated Battery Voltage 48V 96V 110 120V 220V
Rated Wind Turbine Input   Power 2kW 2kW 2kW 2kW 2kW
Maximum Wind Turbine     Input   Power 3kW 3kW 3kW 3kW 3kW
Wind Turbine 42A 21A 19A 17A 10A
Brake Current
Rated Solar Input Power 600W 600W 600W 600W 600W
Floating Charging Voltage 58V 116V 133V 145V 266V
Display Mode LCD
Quiescent Current ≤20mA
Ambient Temperature &     Humidity -20~+55℃/35~85%RH(Without Condensation)
Communication Mode         (Optional) RS232、RS485、RJ45、GPRS (optional)
Temperature Compensation Function (Optional) -4mV/℃/2V ,–35℃--+80℃ ,Precison:±1℃
Dimension 445×425×170mm
(L x W x H)
Net Weight 12kg


Optional Function  

OPTIONAL FUNCTIONS                                              OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES

·Temperature compensation function ·Ethernet communication module
·Wind turbine low voltage charge function ·GPRS communication module
·RS communication function ·SD storage card
·By-pass function ·RS485-USB converter
·SD card function ·RS485-RS232 converter
·Wind speed detection function ·RS232-USB converter
·Wind turbine rotate speed detection function
·Wind turbine micro current charge function