ŸGarden Lighting

ŸPathway Lighting

ŸSecurity Lighting

ŸFence Lighting

ŸPark Lighting

ŸEntrance Lighting


Solar Panel

50W, mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline,

conversion efficiency: 13~17%

Light Source

10W, super bright individual LEDs, 100-120Im/w


3.5m high, hot dip galvanized Q235 steel with electrostatic spray


12V /10A solar smart controller, PWM with various protection function


12V 65Ah, deep cycle gel storage battery, buried underground or optional on pole

Working Time

10 hours/day, 4~6 cloudy or rainy days



  • The Innovation fixture advantages in high protection class: IP68.
  • It is designed for areas with high humility and dust.
  • The solar panel is adjustable for various tilt degrees.
  • The light the fixture giving out is more focused.
  • It is ideal for entrances, parks, campus, pathways, sidewalks...


* High protection class: IP68

* Designed for high humility and dust areas

* Focused Lighting



* 2 times more rainy day backup, savings in battery

* Waterproof controller, ideal for high humidity and dust areas

* Combined LED driver and controller as one, easy to maintain


* Anti-theft & vandalism: battery box lock with security screws

* Battery box mounted at the bottom, saving in digging battery pits

* Hot galvanized and powder-coated, anti-corrosion



* Insure ZERO MISTAKE connecting by various connectors

* Waterproof connectors for connections exposed outside

* Integrating LED: 50,000 hours long life time light source

* Fully sealed LED, designed for areas with high humidity



* Only a screwdriver, requiring no welding

* Easy installation, low constructing cost

* Heavy steel rod, high strength