ŸStreet Lighting

ŸDriveway Lighting

ŸParking Lot Lighting

ŸEntrance Lighting

ŸPathway Lighting

ŸSecurity Lighting





Solar Panel

2*120W, monocrystalline or polycrystalline, conversion efficiency: 13~17%

Light Source

60W, super bright individual LEDs, 100-120Im/w, Bridelux or Cree chip


8m high, hot dip galvanized Q235 steel with electrostatic spray


12V /10A solar smart controller, PWM with various protection function


2*12V 120Ah, deep cycle gel battery, buried underground or optional

Working Time

Dusk to dawn with energy saving mode, 3~4 cloudy or rainy days














  • The light fixture advantages in heat dissipation with heat sinks at two sides.
  • The special reflector makes the light shot to two different directions to enlarge the beam angel to 120 degree.
  • It is designed for areas with high temperature.
  • The Tank60 has a strong LED lamp mounted on an 8m pole.
  • The Tank60 can cover a much wider area with high brightness.
  • It is ideal for streets, roads, driveways, highways, freeways, parking lots…



Heat sinks designed at sides, fast heat evacuation, long life

Special reflector enlarges the beam angel to 140 degree.



2 times more rainy day backup, savings in battery

Waterproof controller, ideal for high humidity and dust areas

Combined LED driver and controller as one, easy to maintain



Adjustable bracket for solar panel

5mm thick galvanized steel , strong and anti-corrosion

Detachable parts, easy carrying, savings in shipping cost



Anti-theft & vandalism: battery box lock with security screws

Battery box mounted on pole, saving in digging battery pits

Batteries fixed inside  the box, easy for lifting                         



Insure ZERO MISTAKE connecting by various connectors

Integrating wiring board, easy installation

Waterproof connectors for connections exposed outside



 Long service life (1600 cycles @ 30% DOD)

Better Weather-ability (-20 ºC ~ 50 ºC)

Fully sealed construction